Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have successfully completed my third year at Penn State :)
I have one semester left at University Park before I graduate, I've done it in 3.5 years! That's reason to celebrate.
I have an internship in Harrisburg this summer which should be very interesting (it's budget season time: House vs. Rendell, the final smackdown) It's been fun so far even though it's about an hour commute. I'm trying to decide what to do after graduation in December. I'm considering a Masters of International Affairs/ Juris Doctor from PSU/ Dickinson. Four more years of studying but I'd be finished by the time I'm 25 :) Comment with suggestions if you'd like, I think it says a lot that I'm willing to continue my schooling at PSU, I love the University (and from talking with my friends, PSU has its act together). One of my friends may have to go an extra year at Millersville because she can't schedule the correct courses. Even though PSU-UP is huge, there are enough courses for everyone and the entire university schedules based on credits. (Millersville schedules alphabetically and as a person with an 'S' last name, there's no way that's going to fly)
Have a happy summer! :D