Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something different

Hey guys and girls,
Here's a thought to all that have been reading or have just started and/or will read the blog. Would it be a good idea to have interviews and special articles on some of the people who work behind the scenes at Penn State York? I personally think its a good idea and a great way for our current and prospective students to find out more about the entire Penn State York family, rather than just the students or the professors.
I just want to get a quick opinion on this before going ahead. Please comment or let me know in person.
I will be attending and speaking at the Open House at Penn State York this saturday, so am very much looking forward to that! I enjoy speaking about things I love and hence this should be very exciting!
Also the South Asian Club is having an Indian subcontinental cuisine lunch this coming Thursday ( October 29th 2009) where some of us are going to be selling home made food on campus. Last time we did that during Unity Week 2009 in April, the response was just mind blowing and all the food was gone in an hour (or less)!!! We hope for the same this time!! Please try and attend if you can


Monday, October 19, 2009

Just finished reading The Lost Symbol. Awesome read as expected from Dan Brown. Its definitely worth a read, and especially to people living nearby D.C. I for one, cant wait to visit these places and see the architecture for myself.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lights, mist and ABAP

Its Thursday.

(with an extra heavy 'Sigh!' at the end followed by an unbelievable urge to get away from it all and take a break at home sipping hot tea and snacks on the balcony with the rain and mist outside)

Unfortunately, I have to walk in my rain gear hoping it keeps me warm and dry on my way to campus for a whole day of classes. The festival of lights, called Diwali is almost us as is Halloween and my way of celebrating it today is to code in ABAP, then write an extra credit assignment for marketing, then attend corporate security, then again study for a test in marketing, and then attend the marketing class till 840pm. uggh! cant wait for this day to be over!!!!!!

On a positive note - I saw 'The hangover' yesterday! What a freaking awesome movie that is! I cant wait to watch it again man, that was so worth staying back after work.

BTW- the post before this 'Of mind blocks..' was written before 'That bottle...' somehow the blog put it in reverse order

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Of mind blocks and random thoughts

Aaaargh! for the longest time Iv been wanting to put up this long long blog post, but things havent been working for me. its either been myself too tired after tests, or a day at the lion's den, or just facing an enormous mental block. I planned to write this sudnay and again here I am on a sunday night facing nothing but a block, block and another block. I could just build a lego set out of so many blocks.....
On the whole though, I think this blog needs to reach out to the students and the general public more. The overall response has been overwhelming and everyone does want to read more and more. So we as the bloggers do need to get moving and write. We could definitely publicize it more by having signs and little posters all over campus.
I dont know why im writing in these little short unrelated paragraphs. Maybe my mind gets distracted easily these days. Or else im getting so used to multitasking that I tend to switch focus every 5 seconds on a different job/topic at hand.
Perhaps I do need to take it easy a bit, or maybe not. Right now the best thing that comes to my mind is a nice dinner and my soft bed, ready to comfort me at least somewhat for the long week that lies ahead. I have one test, one paper to submit and internship work to be done.
Have 3 articles on my drafts that I desperately want to post but cant till this irritating block removes itself from my head. Would gladly welcome any cures for the same.
Its been a while since we had a screening of a movie on campus. Transformers 2 is playing this wednesday and I really want to see it, but not as much as 'The Hangover' which is to be screened next week. People have raved and raved and raved (more so to piss me off) about how great the movie is and since I didnt get to see that either I am so excited to catch that. Last year there was a great response to the Indian movies that were screened and I plan to do that again. There are so many plans but so little time..grrr.
Anyways right now I am off to complete some reading again before I sleep. Speaking fo reading, Im getting a copy of Dan Brown's latest - ' The lost symbol'. Should be a fascinating read..when I find the time!!
Off to bed now,