Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Doing My To-Do List

Sometimes, I add things to my to-do list that I'm actually in the middle of doing. Sometimes, I add things that I've just completed, just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing them off. I'll put these recently completed items in strategic places like the top and middle to amp myself up about "all" that I've accomplished.

Dear God, I'm weird aren't I?

I get this nagging feeling when I'm making a to-do list. The feeling comes from all the things that I said I was going to do, but never did and now have forgotten so I CAN'T ADD THEM TO MY LIST! Inevitably, someone comes to me and asks, "Did you get to finish project XYZ? It's due in a nanosecond," and I say, "Oh well, it's on my to-d --- oh, um, actually I forgot that one." How embarrassing. I can't even organize my organization.

Here's two things to add to YOUR to-do lists this week, dear readers:
1. Come to our production of "Talk Radio", a rated R stage play starring yours truly and ...you know some other fantastic people. It's October 28 & 29 at 7 pm at Penn State York's Pullo Theatre. It's free for Penn State students and only $5 for general admission!
2. Come check out our 2nd annual Halloween Party, October 31st, 7-11 pm. We're asking $3 for students and $5 for general admission at the door, all of which goes to help kids with cancer. (Yeah THON) Free pizza, candy, drinks and snacks, plus a brain vibrating sound system.

See? I give you fun things to do so you can happily cross them off once you complete them. If you're going to come to the party though, you may want to add "Find Halloween Costume"to your list. Well! Stop reading blogs! You have work to do!!

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