Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lights, mist and ABAP

Its Thursday.

(with an extra heavy 'Sigh!' at the end followed by an unbelievable urge to get away from it all and take a break at home sipping hot tea and snacks on the balcony with the rain and mist outside)

Unfortunately, I have to walk in my rain gear hoping it keeps me warm and dry on my way to campus for a whole day of classes. The festival of lights, called Diwali is almost us as is Halloween and my way of celebrating it today is to code in ABAP, then write an extra credit assignment for marketing, then attend corporate security, then again study for a test in marketing, and then attend the marketing class till 840pm. uggh! cant wait for this day to be over!!!!!!

On a positive note - I saw 'The hangover' yesterday! What a freaking awesome movie that is! I cant wait to watch it again man, that was so worth staying back after work.

BTW- the post before this 'Of mind blocks..' was written before 'That bottle...' somehow the blog put it in reverse order

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