Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm So Excited, And I Just Cant Hide It!

You know when you've been under some serious pressure? I mean, SERIOUS. As in my Thanksgiving break was not that great because I was too busy preparing six different projects that would all be due within the week we came back from the so-called "vacation." Besides the mountain of homework otherwise known as Mt. Kilimanjaro, I worked about 40 hours during break and my great grandfather who lived just north of Pittsburgh passed away. I mean, YIKES!

So back to what I was saying - you know when you've been under some serious pressure, and you've finally reached the top of your mountain with all of your work finished and you just want to rejoice just like how Rocky Balboa did when he got to the top of those stairs? - THATS ME RIGHT NOW.

I have read a 200 page book, and done a speech about it. I have done a movie review (for the same class). I have completed a journal for my Bi Sci class. I have completed an atlas of York County. Have done some serious math homework (three chapters worth, and I mean those chapters that are made up in decimals - 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 - all count as chapter 5). and I have now finished my speech for my CAS class which will be presented tomorrow.

Granted, I will need to type two papers before the semester is finished completely, but writing always seems to come easy for me. I just figured I would share my enthusiasm for finally reaching that end of "hell week" and now I can move on with my life rather than living at a computer or in the library.

Besides that - Lion Ambassadors had their retreat the weekend before Thanksgiving Break and it was more enjoyable for those of us who came!! Also I'm really looking forward to REAL Break in like two weeks. It'll be nice to just have some down time, and by that I mean living at work. HA. I'm also really looking forward to Spring semester since I'll be able to really get into my "major" based classes!

But until then, lets just keep enjoying these days of 2009!!!!!!!!!!!

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