Sunday, February 8, 2009

Brief update - Exams Yuck!

Well hitting the fourth and fifth week of classes I'm keeping incredibly busy. It always seems to fall that I have either nothing for all my classes or major tests and projects due in all of them. On that note though, the final exam schedule is up which is great. I have one on Monday and two on Wednesday and Thursday.

Other interesting things of note that I really ought to cover in more detail than I'm going to:

I'm working on a summer internship related to the legal field. I'm still hammering out details of that with the director of the Harrisburg Semester program. I have to come visit the York campus for letters of recommendation.

The trip to DC was pretty incredible. I love art and spent a lot of time at the Smithsonian stuff down there. I learned one of the old ballroom dances from Lincolns Inaugural Ball - special Bicentennial event. I made a complete fool of myself but it was fun...

Only try iceless iceskating if you're incredibly brave! I can ice skate just fine but it was essentially a greased floor and you try to use ice skates across it...really odd. I outlasted my date though - she gave up in about three minutes I lasted five! We went to dinner when the skating event didn't work out so that was fun. She hadn't ever been to an on campus event before though so it was a good experience. Big hint: get involved on campus or you'll sit around insanely bored.

Criminal Trials this week in Dauphin County. I'll be spending every spare moment I can down there observing.

I'm aware I was all over the place in this post, sorry. It makes sense to me - hopefully everyone else can follow it. I'll try to keep updated more often to avoid cramming in so much info.

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