Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What have I been doing with my life?

I'm pretty sure being a procrastinator and super busy do not equal the greatest blogger in the world! I am sorry for that!

So, not going to attempt to update greatly on my life because that might take a looooooong time! But to sum up the basics, some new things have happened! I am no in the spring play called "Boys' Life!" I play the drunk wife at the end of the play! hahahaha! It's something that I wanted to get involved with as well as being forced into it by friends! But I'm glad I auditioned!
I am now the SGA representative for Lion Ambassadors, so that's another obligation, but I'm more than eager to do it! Helps me get more involved with the campus and my fellow students.

More to come! Hope everyone out there is doing well and enjoying this new semester!
P.S. My birthday is TOMORROW!!!!!!!

We are...PENN STATE!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Happy Birthday!

Chelsea Moyer said...

Happy Birthday, PJ! I hope you have a great one! :-)