Thursday, March 5, 2009

First blog representing the adult learners.

Hello, My name is Corey Baughman and I believe that I am a Junior here at Penn State-York. I am 30 years old and am married with 3 daughters who are 6, 8, and 10. I also work second shift as a Lieutenant at York County Prison. I have been at Penn State-York since Spring of 2008.
Hmm...where should I begin? I will start off by explaining who I am and how I ended up at Penn State-York. First off, I graduated from York Vo-Tech or York School of Technology with a certificate in electrical occupations. I was not the greatest student in high school. Although I was involved in such activities such as class president, vice-president of student council, captain of the football team etc., my graduating GPA was about a 2.6. It wasn't that couldn't grasp the material, I just chose not to grasp the material. I thought that it was more important to chase girls and party with the boys. This led me to me first career.
With school not being my forte, I chose to join the Army as an infantry soldier. Although I could have had my choice of jobs in the service, I wanted to jump out airplanes and shoot big guns. Well, I got my wish in the summer of 1996 when I enlisted and was sent to Ft. Benning to boot camp. From there I was assigned to the 1oth Mountain Division in Ft. Drum, NY. If anyone does not know where that is, it is above Syracuse, NY and is colder than your first meeting with the in-laws. Three weeks after I got to Ft. Drum, I left from a blizzard in upstate NY to the deserts of Egypt for a 6 month peacekeeping mission. This is where I received my first taste of college. At the time, I was less than a year out of school when my team leader suggested that I take up school. I said, " No way sarge, I didn't sign up to go to college. I am not a college guy." Sgt. Talbot said, "Ok Pvt. Baughman, While the others are sitting in class, I am going to smoke your bags for an hour." Needless to say, I chose to go to college over getting scuffed-up on a daily basis. Once I was in class, I found that it was an extension of high school. While I was over there, I received 6 cr hrs of college from Central Texas College. To be continued.......


Chelsea Moyer said...

Hi Corey,

Glad to see that we got you hooked up with the blog! Have fun with it . . . looking forward to reading more!


Sara Hilton, Admissions Counselor said...

Welcome aboard, Corey! Can't wait to read more!