Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finals are approaching

I am finished with today's class and about to head to work, one more day of classes before finals. I only have three finals and they're all on Wednesday, oh joy. The plus side is that I have all day Monday to study and then Tuesday before work. These are my last days at Penn State York before I go up to University Park. It's very sad and I'll definitely miss this campus and all of the wonderful people here but I'm still super excited to have an apartment and start out on my own. I'll come back to visit over the Fall semester and I'm inviting everyone to come up and visit UP. I'm rooming with Nicole Lau and we're going to have the coolest apartment ever! We plan to make our own curtains and decorative pillows! We've decided that the apartment's official band will be the Beatles and we're super excited to start moving in on August 22nd, it'll be crazy hectic since that's move in day for the whole campus. But first: summer!!!! I want more of the wonderful weather that we had on Monday and Tuesday but I suppose I shall have to be patient for that as well.
In other news: Paul comes home in about four weeks!!!!!! and then I get to see my boating friends in MD. I'll try to update with pictures over the summer but now it's time to head to work.

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Chelsea Moyer said...

We are going to miss you, Hunter, but we're also very excited for you and all of the opportunites that are ahead! You've been an asset to this campus - Penn State is lucky to have you!