Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Getting Ready for the Summer Semester

Ah, the end of the semester is here. Although that thought is comforting, I am going to tie up my Summer by taking 2 classes through the Penn State-World Campus. Both of these classes are GA courses and by finishing them, they will complete all of my GER courses. After having taken several courses through the World Campus, I believe that this will be an excellent way to earn 6 cr hrs of course work without hindering my Summer too much. The good thing about taking online courses in the Summer is that I am still able to go on vacation and not have to worry about missing any class time. The only down fall is that I will have to either work ahead or take my course work with me on vacation. Another positive of taking online courses is that I can sit at home, have a beer, and no one is the wiser. Take that Penn State! To all who read this, I wish you all a safe and memorable summer.

Best Wishes, Corey Baughman

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Chelsea Moyer said...

Good luck with finals, Corey! I hope all goes well!