Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First week

It's now Wednesday night as I finish writing this, so I have had all of my classes at least once. I'm definitely dreading my honors seminar the most - each professor who teaches it personalizes the course to their field of study - Dr. Jastor is interested in Renaissance England...Shakespeare. She has a really great energy though and is totally upbeat about it which is definitely a benefit. We're going to be taking a trip to The American Shakespeare Center in Blackfriars' Theatre in Staunton, VA to see the various pieces we are studying performed live. That sounds like it should be fun and really help in appreciating the material.

I'll keep you updated on other classes more so once we really get into them. Here's a short insight though.

Accounting - not really a course I'm interested in but a core requirement for a Business Administration minor. I still haven't gotten the textbook from the bookstore - I ordered it in mid-December. =/ Apparently a number of instructors have had trouble with PSH's Bookstore

Public Administration - The professor seems pretty laid back and really interested in facilitating class discussion which is great. He doesn't seem to believe law school is worthwhile, so we have a bit of a disagreement about that.

Civil Liberties and Due Process - better than I imagined since this is my passion. Dr. Woessner is also my academic adviser, and that is certainly a plus. Seems like it will be a whole lot of work though and a rather difficult course overall.

English - this course seems like it will be another that takes a lot of work. We haven't really gotten into depth with anything yet though so stay tuned next week or so.

Energy and the Environment - A pretty easy science credit from the looks of it. Considering how much the idea was thrown around during the election I really hope to cover "clean" coal.

Public Policy Analysis - The professor is the head of the Public Policy program and the Harrisburg semester program; I am hoping to find something in the legal field for an internship to participate in that which means working with Dr. Nechemias The course is writing intensive which means a fair bit of extra work, but I think it should be interesting.

I am really thankful to be done with gen eds after this semester.


Chelsea Moyer said...

Good luck this semester, Stephen! Hope all goes well :-)

Anonymous said...


So far so good.