Monday, January 5, 2009

Move in on Friday

Sheesh the holiday break went way too quickly. I'm ready for a bit of structure for sure, but I'm pretty stressed right now with packing everything up and redoing lists I've been making for the past few months on what I want/need. I have the list of my roomates, but I haven't e-mailed them yet. At this point I think I'll just wait to meet them. Doubtlessly some pretty cool folks.

One thing that has me stressed is that the east shore YMCA can't decide whether they're hosting karate or judo classes on Tuesday/Thur nights... The website contradicts itself. I'm interested in judo and don't really want to do karate. Ah well guess I'll go for one class and find out. Otherwise I hope to get involved with the learning center up there, the model UN, and anything pre-law related.

Books still haven't come - which rather defeats the purpose of ordering them two months early and having them shipped to my house. Hopefully I can call the bookstore and have them hold them up there instead *tacks another note onto the to-do list*

I'll definitely keep you guys filled in on how it goes, but I'm too stressed to think of much else right this second.

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