Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Namaste, PSY!

Hello everyone! Its such a big relief to finally get on this blog at last! I cant believe its been almost half a year since I hopped on a plane to come here! Knowing that I would be a Penn Stater almost 2 years ago and then waiting for that time to come and then waiting some more...in a nutshell it wasnt a short period of time. But it was worth it. Not only did I have the best time of my life In Vidyalankar (my college back home), but the Penn State experience has been just as wonderful.
Before coming here, there was so much of a ruckus surrounding my departure. Do this, do that, DONT do that, etc. etc. etc. America is a strange country son!, be veeeeeery careful, dont drive and drink! Yes with tons of baggage and even more tons of advice on my shoulders, I came here..leaving all my dearest friends, the love of my life and most importantly , my mother back in India. As soon as the plane took off it hit me hard, I wasnt going to see my mother soon for at least a year or more. The jokes were forgotten, this was it...my chance to either make it or break it! 2 years of hard work, 2 years of friendships, 2 years of watching my mom run around Mumbai getting all my papers in order, 2 years all directed towards one thing....
Shantanu Rajadhyaksha : undergraduate student of the Pennsylvania State University
My chance to make it

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Shantanu said...

By the way, I dont really say Namaste, I just say Hi! but there had to be some Indian flavor right?