Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh joy...Christmas

I'm really glad the semester is done with (though slightly annoyed final grades aren't posted for a certain class. =/ )

Now I get to put 100x more effort into dealing with family events and all the festivities associated with the holidays than I did all semester. I love the fact that everything is finished up for school, but I find family events to be very stressful. Plus I'm still working on packing everything up making sure I have essentials and such.

Meeting up with a friend for lunch tomorrow that I haven't seen in ages since she's about 6 hours away from here at school. I have no idea how I can get along with an Art/Art Therapy major so well yet still completely bomb my art history final. My artist and musical talent is...well never mind that I have no artist or musical talent.

I've been up until 2 or 3 am lately, so I'm going to crash now since I have to get up fairly early tomorrow.

Night all,


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