Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First week

Well we're into the second week of the semester (sorry I got caught up in Labor day festivities - i.e. the week of action for the Obama campaign, Lol!) The first week was a whole lot of fun - all kinds of great activities such as the intro picnic. Mostly it was great to meet all kinds of new people and make a few new friends.

Classes aren't too intense so far - a lot of reading of course but it's still only the beginning.

Most interesting for myself is an honors project I'm working on for my business law class because I want to go onto law school myself. My professor for that course has agreed to let me work on a project with her and we're meeting this Friday to get down more specific details so I'll keep you posted.

The roughest classes for me, as expected, will be world music and art history. I've never really been good with or enjoyed more creative abstract concepts like that. The art history should be tolerable because I do find the evolution of society and its influence on the art of the time interesting. Various theories about the hunting rituals of primitive painters etc. Music, I'm definitely going to be suffering through. We have a great professor, but I've always had a slight disdain for music that I have to work past.

Details of my internship have been finalized now. I submitted the completed application to the faculty supervisor. I'll still be working with the Southern York County (or SO YO as we affectionately have dubbed it) team on Wednesday nights for team meetings/phone banking and Saturday voter contact activities (canvassing, voter registration, etc). However, I'll also be spending most of Thursday and possibly some Tuesdays in the campaign office working on voter registration and voter protection activities.

Saturday I get to host my first canvass event on my own. Our team coordinator will be working at another event, so I'll be running everybody through the training. Our field organizer is supposed to stop by and help knock on a few doors but has a lot of events to work with and probably can't stay too long. I guarantee that I will defiantly post about this later because it'll be my first attempt at organizing my own event.

Be sure to check out for campaign updates in your area. We need all the help we can get.

Talk to you guys later,


P.S. I love hearing from you guys. Be sure to leave a comment or send me an e-mail. The feedback I've gotten so far is awesome!


Sara Hilton, Admissions Counselor said...

Hey Stephen,

Do you know if anything is going to happen on campus in October/November trying to encourage students to vote?

Stephen Kemp, Sophomore said...

Definitely! I wasn't involved at the time but the campaign did voter registration here before the primary last semester.

Zack Portilla, the field organizer in charge of York College and Penn State York, has big plans for our campus.

I'm sure to be involved in some of it but my major responsibility at least right now is helping organize things in Southern York County because that's closer to home for me.

So far I've registered a few people on campus without having a big event just by talking about classes and my internship.

Jessica Olan, Senior said...

Stephen, you have to come talk to me! We'd love to do some political stuff on campus. Plus, I know some people were talking about the Model UN club starting up again...any interest? Is it too late to register to vote in the election? If not, maybe we can do another round and get students voting!!

Stephen Kemp, Sophomore said...

I was involved in Model UN last year and should be again now. Believe I missed the first meeting, but I'll be there Friday for the next one.

October 6th is the registration deadline. I'll be sure to send something to Zack and try to meet up with you Monday during the student government meeting if not before.