Monday, September 29, 2008


So this past weekend I've been rushing all the sororities and I'm exhausted! I'm going through formal recruitment so I get to meet all 20 sororities and throughout the week I make a list of my favourites and I eventually join one of my top 3. It's a complicated process but I'm loving it so far! Besides that the white out game this weekend was AMAZING lol I was in the student section with Dan, Mandy, and Zach and it was the best ever! I'm so happy that we're ranked number 6...number 1 would be better but hey, it's still early in the season =p I had a lot of fun tailgating before the game, especially since I got to see some friends from home!! It's was great. I still feel pretty overloaded with work but I'm learning how to find time to study. No lie, study groups are the only way I get things done lol It's fun though, it makes the time fly by lol You know what I realized today? I wont be home for a month and a half because of games, recruitment and shows...bummer lol I'm not gonna lie, I miss having my own room. You really take it for granted lol I think it's mainly because my room mate and I don't really see eye-to-eye, that's why I'm really excited to join a sorority lol Hopefully this week will get less hectic!

Wish me luck! =)

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