Monday, September 1, 2008

First Week!!

I have officially completed my first week at Penn State and I love it!! Getting around classes can be confusing but I've pretty much got most of them down. I'm not gonna lie, the first couple days I had the worst shin splintz of my life!! So I got a bike lol I still don't get how it works though, but I'm sure I'll figure it out lol Besides the walking, my classes seem pretty cool this semester. My latin prof. is hilarious! haha My nursing classes seem pretty cool too! I just ordered scrubs and I'm super excited to wear them to class!! I finally met my adviser the other day and she seems really nice, and really honest, which I like. I thought I wanted to take a minor in a language, but she explained to me how labels aren't everything. I'm really glad I set up an appointment with her! I didn't realize how many people were at SC until I stopped for lunch in the HUB and had to wait 20 mins to get lunch! It was insane!! I've now since learned to pack a mini lunch lol I guess I should mention something about football weekend lol It was amazing! I had a lot of fun! My friends Dan and Mandy came to visit and we had a blast! My mom came up yesterday and helped me out and I really missed her!! I can't wait til next weekend! Thank goodness next week will be an afternoon game lol I really should go and study because I have a ton of reading to do!!

Peace out!

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