Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sometimes, A Girl Just Changes Her Mind

I've always admired people that had a set path, a predetermined goal in mind when they came to college. I had a goal in mind pretty soon after I started, but I was also six years older than the rest of the incoming freshmen. It was all layed out: Get a bacchelor's degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, then go on to grad school for physical therapy. Simple.

So I've taken all but a few prerequisites, maintained over a 3.50 GPA, and started shopping around for grad programs. Then it hit me...

I don't know if I want to do this.
I don't like any of these subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Trig...I have the highest respect for people that are good at it and passionate about those subjects. But not me. I struggle with them, even with extra help. I started thinking, if I'm having trouble with these classes, how in the world am I going to survive a graduate program that is based on these subjects? Do I really want to spend the next three years away from my family to pursue something that I may not love? Then I started thinking about the stuff I really love to do. I love being on campus and helping students. I love being president and planning events. I love being able to offer guidance to anyone that asks me. I think I really want to be in higher ed.
Leave it to me to be a SENIOR only SIX credits away from graduation before I decide to make a change. Quite frankly, I freaked. Everything I've done so far has been towards the goal of P.T., and now I'm taking a 180 and headed in a totally different direction. But it turns out I can still use my degree to get into a grad program for Student Affairs. And there are no prerequisite classes for this degree. PLUS, one of the programs has a rolling admission so I can start in January.
Moral of the story is, it's never too late to change your mind. I know I'll be happy with this career.


Sara Hilton, Admissions Counselor said...

Jess, I think you'd do GREAT working in higher education! And trust me...the changing your mind thing might continue to happen for years after you graduate! :-P

Scott said...

I'm so proud of you. One day we'll be colleagues! =-)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, Jess. You'll do wonderfully with that type of career for sure!

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! It's a very rewarding profession you've chosen!

sharon said...

you go girl! you've chosen a very rewarding profession!