Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just curious...

You know, I am just slightly curious if anyone else in our nation notices how bad the media is downright cruel to Sarah Palin (and by publishing this blog, I by no means intend to pursue and state my political ideologies through this post, unless otherwise asked). Personally though, I have noticed a lot of media sources from newspapers, television and even magazine articles that are just hammering Sarah Palin about things that have almost no relevancy to her. Between her daughter's pregnancy and her husbands DUI from 20 years ago; where does any of this have anything to do with her abilities to be able to lead our country? In almost every media source I see speaking of her, all I see is people slamming her with things that don't even pertain to her.

I don't know; I won't rant further but I am just curious to see if anyone else was able to pick up on these things.

God bless,


sharon said...

I'm wondering the same, Matt. But my concerns is that the media is focusing on personal stuff rather than focusing on the national issues.

Stephen Kemp, Sophomore said...

I doubt we agree on politics, Matt; but I'd have to agree with Sharon. I am disgusted by the focus on insignificant personal issues rather than policy considerations.

Both sides have certainly seen a lot of these attacks and it's unfortunate because it does detract from the issues.

Jessica Olan, Senior said...

There's an echo of agreeance here Matt, and I KNOW we don't agree on politics! It's like when people were slamming Obama because his middle name is Hussein. If his middle name was Bob, would that make him more qualified? We should be ashamed for letting these vultures cover the news in this country. They should head back to Paris Hilton's hedgerow where they belong.