Friday, December 5, 2008

Sorry it's been a while

Yikes! It's been over a month since I last popped on here. Sorry everyone, my computer died on me and the bookmark on my toolbar was the sole thing reminding me to come visit here.

Hmm now to catch up on a month worth of updates in the 20 minutes I have to write this...

YES WE DID! Barack Obama won the election! And...I managed to get thrown out of our victory celebration...The party was held at Cobblestones (A local sports bar) and apparently those under 21 aren't allowed in past 10:00 pm without a parent. Because college students never drink, right? Getting up on Nov 5th for my 7:30 am class was pretty rough though. I am never scheduling another class that insanely early if at all possible. 9:00 is great.

Few weeks in between weren't really eventful, but we had family get together for Thanksgiving. Then I got teeth cut out the day afterwords...yuck! Ah well surgery went better than expected - goodbye to any shred of wisdom I had left. On a more uplifting note, I did get to spend time with a girlfriend of mine who's going to school about 6 hours away and I rarely get to hang out with. She dragged a friend back from Roanoke and the three of us went ice skating.

Now I'm pretty busy and stressed with final projects coming due. I turned in the final copies of my honors projects today, so I'm hoping to get those back Monday. I know Dr. Latzko will but am unsure about Professor Neahaus. I'm exempt from her final though since I maintained an A average. I can sleep in that Thursday, Sweet! (It was an 8am final). I managed to bomb the first part of my art history final which was held today today. :(

Studying is definitely detrimental to one's academic performance - I did much better on the tests I didn't study for than this one. Save your sanity and use that time to relax. Ah well think I'll do alright overall in the course with some of the extra credit assignments.

Not sure where this fits chronologically, but I was officially offered on campus housing for next semester and have accepted. Have started shopping and packing some essentials for living on campus next semester, but it'll be really crazy later this month.

I promise I'll update you guys again soon. (Hopefully before December 18th - the last day of final) definitely by then though. Yuck...a 6pm final on the last aweful. Ah well glad the semester is coming to an end.



Sara Hilton, Admissions Counselor said...

We're going to miss you when you leave us for Harrisburg...but I can't wait to hear about all of the crazy shenanigans you get into there!

Anonymous said...

Shhh! My parents read this occasionally after all.