Sunday, August 24, 2008

State College

Hey guys!
So I've finally moved into my dorm and I can't wait until tomorrow. I'm staying in Pollock and I really like it so far. My room mate and I both moved in on Friday and we're finally all settled in. Classes start tomorrow and I'm definitely nervous!! I don't know how to get to any of them lol I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to ask some one every 20ft to tell me where I need go lol So this weekend has been crazy! Pep rallies, blue band and Joe Pa and it's only been 2 day!! There's always something going on around here and no matter where you go, you get a free t-shirt, my count so far is 6 haha It's pretty cool though. State college is lie. Everyone is really friendly and the area is gorgeous, I've already run into three people from my high school...40,000 people and I run into 3 of the 12 people I know from my high school already lol weird. I hate walking everywhere though, I'm pretty sure my ankles are hating my right now and I've finally realized that flip flops were a bad choice haha It's not too bad though, I'll finally be getting some kind of exercise. I will say that I miss my family, Friday night when they left was the worst, I'm pretty sure I wanted to go home that night, but Zach and my mom reassured me that everything was gonna be ok and they were right. I can't wait til football weekend!! We're gonna own!! Ok well I should get some sleep I have a ton of stuff to do tomorrow.



IS said...

Abbie, we're gonna miss you around here! I'll take you to lunch next time I am at U.P.! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Abbie!
Miss you at York, but happy to hear that you're settling in. Have fun and don't forget to study!