Friday, August 22, 2008

Tutoring Staff Meeting

The staff of the Nittany Success Center (I'm still going to end up referring to it as the Learning Center since that was the name last semester.) met for the first time this Wednesday. We had a lot of fun getting to know each other since there's quite a few new tutors this semester.

Mike returned with his signature yellow hair which he'd dyed for an anime convention. He was nutty as ever so Donna and Dr. Dzubak did their best to keep him in line. He's the craziest most flamboyant person you'll ever meet. Playfully picking on him is lots of fun since he never lets things take too serious a turn.

The actual training itself was a lot of fun too. Returning tutors such as myself took on the role of the student in a mock first tutoring session to work on new tutors skills. It actually gave me an interesting new perspective on some of the things I typically do. Plus we got to frustrate new staff to no end!

Actually two of our staff members had come in previously for tutoring in subjects they had difficulty with, so it was great to hear their insights as well.

Alright, I'll admit it the policies and paperwork section was boring because I knew 99% of the stuff, but it's important to note.

School starts in a few days, Yikes!

Enjoy the last few days of Summer,


Any current students can apply for a tutor at no cost. All Services are confidential. Anyone who thinks they might be interested in joining the staff and becoming a tutor can apply at the website or in person by stopping by room 107 in the main classroom building.

Another great service directed by Ann Fetterman, a member of the English department faculty, is the online writing lab. You can submit a paper and have a critique back within a couple days. The great thing is you can choose what areas you believe to be weak and receive advice on how to correct them.

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